Friday, March 30, 2012


It's been a year since my last post - I never finished blogging about Europe, which is too bad because the memories are not as clear a year later. However, today is the start of a new adventure. One of my best friends, Rachel Abdallah, and I are leaving for Guatemala tomorrow morning ! We fly out of Calgary and will be staying there for 4 weeks.
We are doing 2 weeks of volunteering and 2 weeks of roaming. I am excited, anxious, and curious.... ready to get there and feel the sun and meet the children and see new things ! I hope to be able to blog a few times while I am there but this could be difficult. When I return I will recap our trip on here and post a bunch of photos !! Wish us luck - we have everything organized and are hoping for a safe and meaningful journey ! Here are a few pictures of us in England and Wales last year.
More to come....