Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I hope you are all enjoying the pictures.

Now, a very FUN and immature thing we have been doing our whole trip is started in Nice... after getting a little screwed over by the Avis car gang we were over tired, frustrated, and in funny moods. We were the only ones in the airport and we were laying over the chairs, I think i was pretending to sleep and then it went from there. Everywhere we have been going we have been taking pictures of ourselves pretending to sleep in really funny places and positions... i know it sounds sooooo silly but when your exhausted and frustrated with cranky, stuck up people its a pretty hilarious way to annoy them and to crack ourselves up.

The rest of the pictures are on Brens camera hahaha and they are way funnier than this. Karoll must have thought we were crazy at first, but believe me, she joined right in.
So in all the CInque Terre was in the top favorite places of my trip so far. The people, besides the stuffy old rich ladies, were very welcoming and the villages were very charming and quiet. The food was awesome and the weather was sunny... it all felt like a dream really. The way the villages just perch on the rugged, rocky coast is so beautiful and feels fake.
From there we went to Florence for a night. Here we stayed at a hostel that felt like church camp -there were way too many rules and there was a curfew... however, ironically this was the place we decided to perhaps overdo it on the wine and have a very funny intoxicated dinner. Here is just a picture of the view from the river that runs through the city and of the bar we were at.

The next morning Bren and I went to church , where the music was beautiful, then we all walked to quickly look at the biggest gothic cathedral in europe. After this rainy morning we got on the train for Rome. I will write about that in my next post. xo

italia continued...

Here are a few more pictures from the Cinque Terre


"Happiness, hit her like a train on a track.
coming towards her, stuck still no turning back.
She hid around corners and she hid under beds.
she killed it with kisses..."

Finally our trip led us to Italy - a place I have waited for forever. We took a train from Nice to a border town in France, where I enjoyed my first salami sandwich of the trip. Here we took a train to the Cinque Terre, which are a collection of 5 small villages on the west coast. The are on a very rugged coastline and quite amazing to see. Our first taste of Italy was a little strange because on the train we came across a bunch of Italian women who treated us pretty bad. Haha, either we stank really bad or they just really didnt approve of what we were doing... When people see our backpacks and everything they usually are either really friendly and awesome or they look at us like we are trash. Anyway, when we finally got to Monterosso, the first village of the Cinque Terre, we luckily got a hotel and managed to find a place open for dinner... where we enjoyed our first pasta in Italy.

Here is a picture of what we woke up to after our long travels into Italy. A quiet little seaside town, early morning sun.
Our second day in the Cinque Terre we went to the middle town called Corniglia. This was the most genuine little Italian town we visited, I think. A man from Monterosso told us to look for Mario in Corniglia, because he would have rooms for us. We literally went to Corniglia, asked one guy if he knew where mario was.. and he was like "mario ma papa" haha, so mario was his dad and he directed us. Then mario wasnt there so we got directed to lorenzo, who also wasnt home... we worked our way down the tiny ally looking for these people and eventually, after being physically led to the house, we found two rooms in this ladies house to stay. I think she was Cristiana Lorenzo. Anyway, this town was ridiculously charming and our rooms looked right out onto the mediterranean. We couldnt figure out the hot water or the heat, haha, but we spent hardly any time in our rooms. We spent the day exploring one of the other towns then drinking beer and reading on a sort of balcony area in Corniglia. Perfection.

This is the dining room entering the rooms we stayed in. Literally, someone elses house haha.
The beds, bedding, and decor reminded me sooooo much of my Nanna... it was nice.
Karoll and i talking from our windows haha. Soooo stoked on the place we are staying... or at least its view.

We took the train to the other village, Vernazza, for the afternoon, then enjoyed the sun in Corniglia. We got to walk around lots, up and down many hills, and all to the smell of wood smoke. Someone was burning something nearby and it smelt wonderful.

Corniglia from down the road

Boats in Vernazza.

Im goin to post this now so i dont lose it, then ill continue on.

Barcelona , Montpellier, and Nice continued

Hello everyone. im finally writing again , from Switzerland now at my cousin Margarets. She lives here with her husband, who is Swiss, and their son Luca.. its been so amazing to meet Luca and catch up with Margaret. Im happy to be here for the next week and explore some small villages and mountains, and be garunteed a very comfy bed and clean shower. haha. Margaret and I Just ate soooo much bruschetta I can hardly move, so this is a good time for me to update these posts.

Barcelona was very good. Karoll and I stayed there for 2 nights and on the second night we had to share a bed because everything was booked up for valentines day haha it was funny. On our first night there we went to see a classical guitarist play in this chapel on the side of the huge cathedral. She played spanish guitar and it was just amazing. We went to bed early and tried for a full day of touring the next day... unfortunately we ended up loitering at a pawn shop, or cash converter, for about 3 hours then getting separated and searching for eachother for 2 hours then lost trying to find these boots i wanted for the next two hours. hahahaha so our day in Barcelona was pretty funny. We ended up reviving ourselves with some tapas, russian salad which is our favoriteeeee, and then went to the Segrada Familia, which was absolutely amazing. There are pictures in my last post of that. It feels like a long time ago now and I can hardly remember.
Our second night in Barcelona we went to a traditional flamenco dancing performance. It was very ama<ing and well worth our money. The singing was very angsty and interesting but it went along with the dancing.
Barcelona was amazing and id say that in the summer the parties are crazy. we went for a few drinks at this small sort of punk rock bar and admired all the other bars around. Lots of cool looking places but we were exhausted from being lost all day and called it a night early.

After Barcelona we went to Montpellier where we met Brenna at the airport and rented a car, which as i wrote earlier was a big rip off.. but sort of worth it haha. It felt like freedom.
In Montepellier we spent a long time looking for parking and then finally eating pizza and beer. Brenna was very overtired at this point and just funny . We stayed in a damp hostel, on the top floor, that reminded me of someones house... someone who had very bad, stinky taste in decor. Needless to say I didnt sleep this night because I was convinced someone was coming for us hahaha.. Again, t^hank you Code for the knife, i slept with it by the bed.

From Montpellier we drove to Cassis (courtesy of mr nelson, he told me to go here), which was one of my favorite places so far. We looked like grubby girls , obviously, especially compared to all te posh southern french people who have tattooed lip liner. haha our boat ride was a huge highlight and our valentines dinner hehe.

The last of france was our visit to Nice - i wrote my last post from there. It rained and we dealt with a few cranky french people haha but in all our hostel was unreal and we visited the modern art museum there. We spent a long time browsing through there and i thouroughly enjoyed it. Also, I will always remember NIce as the place that Brenna ate the hugest hot dog of our lives... even bigger than the weird american bbq ones. It was actually 2 hotdogs in a huge long baguette.. hahaha aside from the cuts in the corners of Brennas lips from the baguette, id say it was her best hotdog ever.

Im having a hard time remember everything, at least remembering it in an entertaining way, so im going to move on to the next part.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Barcelona, Montpellier (*France) and Cassis (France)

Now to Montpellier, where we rented a car and picked up Bren from the airport.

our awesome hostel in Cassis, the small village in France

In Cassis, yesterday, we decided to go out on a boat for an hour before we moved onto get our car back to NIce. here are pictures from that. The sea was rough and i felt so sick haha but it got better. We visited the Calaques, or something like that, which are these tiny rock inlets in the coast where people hang out in the summer. It gets very warm and there are tons of fish and swimmers. Apparently, in the last Calaque we visited, people rock climb all along the cliffs.
Will write in more detail when i have time, but here are some pictures. xo

After Cassis, we drove to Nice. WE had a fun ride.. besides the windy windy mountain roads, wholy man. Unfortunately, we got our car in an hour late and they charged us a full day extra ... they did this without telling Karoll, they told her after she signed off... and so I said "ok well then we will have the car back tomorrow at 4, see you guys later" and he said nooo sorry you would have had to call in advance. I got this crazy , unexpected urge to grab the keys and steal the car for another 24 hours..... but decided against it. We got ripped off and really angry. So we loitered at the airport for an hour or two disrupting the quiet, and then caught a bus into Nice. Here we are at the greatest hostel ever (free internet, free breakfast, bar, common area, clean showers, laundry) .. just about to head downtown Nice for the day then we will buy train tickets into Italy tomorrow. Here is one last pic of us on our roadtrip. Been an amazing trip, so wonderful to have Bren here now. We sure miss Joc, big time, but we just tell Karoll all our ridiculous stories about her hehehe. Also, sister Katie (not to be confused with Katie Prentice), Karoll reminds us of you.... so we kind of have you here as well. XOXO

will post again and write about Cassis and Barcelona more.

dont even ask me how Brenna scored the front seat, haha


Well I accidently just published the lastt post too early.... so here is Cabo de Gata continued. It is just a village of about 1000 people right on the Mediterranean. At this time of year we were clearly the only tourists there, other than people from Denmark in motor homes, and so everyone stared at us and laughed at us... we get laughed at lots.
We ended up eating breakfast and dinner both days at this little restaurant on the water where we could pick up a little Wi Fi on Karoll's phone. The breakfasts were so good - fresh fruit and bread - and it was just very relaxing.

 We decided to rent bikes on our first day there and bike down the coast. We gave 10 euros to this bossy little man in a grocery shop and then he hooked us up. He also hooked us up with hilarious, huge high vis vests that we were supposed to wear if we biked at night. Needless to say, we made it home by dusk hahahah. We got laughed at enough, the last thing we needed was to be the glowing foreigns biking down the beach.
We biked along the road down to a little town called Los Salinas (or something along these lines) and weaseled a beer out of a closed pub. We sat on the beach and hung out for a few hours then biked back. Probably 2 or 2.5 hours biking in all - very tiring, because I'm very out of shape.

This was really an amazing little village. The peopl were so so nice to us and although it was totally the off season, they were very accomodating. On our last night there we went to the little restaurant that we'd been frequenting, and looked at the menu, and decided to leave. It was way over our budget and so we tried to sneak out (it was empty, so this was hard). The guy working, Manu, spotted us and we were like deer in headlights . So i just blurted out "mercado"... we are goign to the super market to get dinner... which would have been another freaking can of tuna or something. He kind of laughed and then asked if it was too expensive. Karoll said yes and so he said he'd make us dinner, pasta, for 11 euros including wine. We agreed and he made us a bolognese pasta and poured us wine and it was wonderful. We ate so much and he was soo happy . I told him that I"m Italian and don't ever order pasta because it's usually disappointing, but that this was impressive and we were so happy.

He ended up being an artist and showed me his work online and then we exchanged emails. He was really happy to meet us and his art is reallllllly awesome - I'm very happy.

We left Cabo de Gata in the morning and then caught a night bus from Almeria to Barcelona (WORST IDEA EVER< EW ).
I will post pictures of that in my next post, but may not write it too because I don't have time.


Malaga and Cabo de Gata

Here are a few photos from our last day in Malaga - we went for drinks our last night and then Rachel flew to the UK in the morning. Karoll and I spent the following day hanging out trying to rent a car then eventually getting a bus to Almeria. Here are pictures from Malaga, then I will write about Almeria and onwards.

Karoll making us sandwiches on the bench while waiting in the bus station haha

So this night Karoll and I caught a bus to Almeria and then eventually caught a bus to a small village called Cabo de Gata. We arrived there at 10 at night ( don't worry, I never would have done that on my own) - the bus driver was hesitant to leave us there but we found a hostel right away, thank goodness. The kind couple let us in and it turned out to be theeee nicest hostel we've stayed in yet. It was newly remodled and just clean, which was so nice. I slept the best I"d slept in probably a week. Our room was sunny and bright in the morning and the following two days were very relaxing and needed. I love small towns, of course.


Hi ALL.  i am on a computer at the hostel we are staying at in Nice, France. I am going to try and upload a few photos but may be hard as this computer is slow. Ill upload a few that correspond with my last post first.

This is Cordoba palace where Rachel and I met Karoll

Me in the square in Cordoba enjoying the tons of families and young people having Sunday drinks

Rachel and Karoll in the streets of Cordoba
Morning light on the rooftop balcony of our hostel in Cordoba
These are just a few pictures from the days I spent in Malaga and Cordoba - I'm going to post this now then move onto the next post so I don't lose this.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011


hello. been a while since my last post because i´ve been in transit since i left portugal. there will be no proper capitals or puncuation in this post because this keyboard is crazy and covered in a plastic sheet... and when you have naturally clammy hands a plastic sheet such as this can be quite the obstacle.

im sitting in an internet cafe in malaga, spain at the moment -next to my new travel partner karoll pinzon. she is a columbian girl i connected with on lonely planet and we met up 2 days ago. rachel abdallah met with me 3 days agao so she was here also to meet karoll. karoll has lived in australia for 10 years so she speaks great english.. and of course perfect spanish, haha very handy to have a translator since the only words rachel and i use are ´caliente- hot ... gracias .. munana - tomorrow ... haha and let me tell you, caliente does not always get the point across. i did use it to ask for hard boiled eggs the other day... i just pointed at the eggs and said caliente, which doesnt quite make sense, but i think the man figured it out. anyways, before i begin rambling...

i took a bus here, to malaga, on saturday and arrived at 8 am. i had little sleep... the 2 gravol i took seemed to have kicked in when i arrived and so i felt really groggy and out of it as i made my way from the bus station to the hotel. it was close and i was so happy to ditch my huge pack and to have a shower. i spent that day by myself in malaga. i roamed along the ocean to the old town and there i visited the picasso museum, which is the highlight of my trip thus far. i feel like quite the small town girl over here- at the museum my purse was scanned and my pocket knife, courtesy of cody, showed up crystal clear. they are like.. um miss is this a knife.. and im like, yup it is . im travelling alone and i like to have this knife with me. the man looked at me like i was a friggin criminal ,but the ladies just smiled.
the museum was made up of 12 parts... well 12 exhihbit rooms.. half on the bottom floor and half on the top. i made my way through the bottom then the top and it was absolutely  incredible.the works in this museum have a lot to do with exploration of motherhood, his relationship with his mother and the strange way that children physically see their mothers face and body. with sort of bended perception and exquisite memory.
i cannot remember titles right now, but at later on i will post pictures from the internet of pieces i saw. we, of course, were not allowed to take photos.
after my museum time i was tired so i roamed some more then had a beer on a patio and read my book. was back in my hotel by dark and waiting for rachel to arrive.

on my second day in spain rachel and i caught a bus early to go to cordoba, a few hours north. the bus took us through windy countryside and it was actually very nauseating. the farms are sooooo green and sooo beautiful, though, and i enjoyed it. cordoba seemed a bit scruffy at first but as we got into the old town, which is always the best area, we started to love it. we saw a ton of ruins - which im sure rachel can better explain to you, as she is a better tourist than i. after a few ruins or monuments i kind of fade off and begin to crave a beer hahaha. we did go to the cordoba mosque, which i´ve studied in eart history, and it was amazing. half is now a catholic cathedral, but the other half.. the courtyard.. is open to public and proved to be a very social community space. lots of sun lots of happy people. outside the mosque we had a drink and soaked up the sun in our tank tops....... everyone looked at us like we were crazy... id say they are the crazy ones in their down coats in plus 20 weather hahaha.

a man tried to get us to come stay at his pension, a room he boards out. obviously we jus tluaghed and said ya gracias .. then he sorta ran into us again later and started chatting and asked what part of canada we are from . we said bc.. and he said that his 2nd wife was from kalispell montana hahah crazzzzy. i was like well my boyfriends from there.. and he said he met his wife in the exact spot we were standing, the same place christop`her columbus met his second wife (at this point we are thinking he is a bit crazy).. hah abut then he told us he visited glacier park in the usa, that she went to uni in missoula, and spent time in helena. so he actually was legitimate and it was pretty weird that he would know those small places in montana.
we hadnt met karoll yet so part of me thought... oh man, this is probably karoll, and he looked on my facebook to see that i date a boy from montana and so he dug up all this bs information and is trying to reel us in hahaha..

but then, we met the real karoll , and it has turned out wonderfully. we stayed at a great little hostel that night and spent the whole day roaming around, sometimes in circles, and admiring the family oriented social lives of the spanish people. we had some drinks in this huge social square  where there were hundreds of people on a sunday. it was very different than canada, it was so nice. we spent hours looking for a place to eat, because all we wanted was veggies, but couldnt find anything that grea.t im surprised that its actaully a bit hard to find good food over here.. because there are sooooo many places to eat and the way they make things is just very different. im sooo sick of coleslaw prepared salad.. shredded lettuce is impossible to get onto your fork.

i apologize that this is such a long post, but somehow i cannot summarize these accounts.
we woke up to a sunny day yesterday and we enjoyed a coffee.. and a dry bun .. from the hostel. then we caught a bus back to malaga and arrived here to sun as well. we found a hostel, after some searching with our bags weighing us down, and settled in . then we explored. rachel and i went to the medditteranean, the beach was a long walk, but so worth it. karoll had to buy a new camera, so she did that.

we had an overpriced and under portioned lunch.. so then we went to a tiny, insanely busy grocery store and got sandwich stuff for dinner.. which will probably be our dinners for the next 3 nights. we went out for drinks last night at a place on the street with heaters, which was nice. people everywhere, of all ages, on a monday night at 10 oclock. its really crazy the social life here is soo public and strong.

another sleep in a cute hostel last night, with high ceilings and high wooden doors. rachel left this morning early to london and now karoll and i are here on the computers. we plan to make our way to barcelona by thursday.. we´d like to find a small seaside village to relax in for a few days.. then to barcelona for a few days, then to probably marseille, france for sunday to meet rachel and brenna again.

im having a very beautiful time and every time i put my ipod on it seems to highlight how really beautiful it is. music makes it better , thats for sure.
we are toting around all our sandwhich stuff and chocolate and fruit.. we just had breakfast in this little classy place and were the ruffians of the places.. knocking stuff over with our bags hahaha. pretty funny if you ask me.

well goodbye for now. i will try to post pictures when i get to another internet cafe.
im a little nervous to plug my camera into a random computer.

xo leahrose

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Spain - Morocco - Gibraltar


We are all tired from the 3 day tour that we got home from Friday night. We went on a tour, with 25 other people (who all happened to be Canadian), to Seville (Spain), Tanger (Morocco), and Gibraltar (Britain?, hehe). It was such a highlight of my trip so far… it seems that each new thing I do becomes the new best thing. But really, the tour was unreal and such a good way to ‘scratch the surface’ of these three places.

Our first day, to Seville, Spain, we left early in the morning and drove right to Seville. The Spain border is about an hour from here, and then Seville is another hour or two. By the first rest stop, 2 hours into the trip, we’d almost finished our lunches that we’d packed… that were supposed to last the whole day. Haha. The drive into Spain was so beautiful, especially in the morning light. Once I learned how to block out the banter of our Portugese tour guide Louis (pronounced Loo-eeessgghhh), I really enjoyed the drive.

On either side of the highway are open, green fields filled with many crops and orchards: almond trees (pink and white), olive trees (delicate looking), orange trees, grape trees, cork trees etc. etc.  Scattered are small farm houses and the odd herd of sheep or horses. The horses look smaller and thinner here … and I think the sheep are just cuter!  I did not notice any cows along the way. They don’t eat much beef here, it doesn’t seem.
Needless to say, I became more and more excited as we drove … the land honestly became more beautiful and simple as the trip went on.

We reached Seville and spent the morning touring. We visited the Jewish quarter, which was narrow alleys and basic looking buildings. We passed up the tour of the gothic cathedral and some palace, as I’ll be doing tons of that in the near future…. And there were a lot of shoe stores beckoning us (beckoning grampa, to be exact). Haha.  Below are pictures of a buildilng and courtyard that were part of expo something or other.. to be honest, i cant remember what this building is but it was pretty beautiful.

We had our ‘first of the day’ at a tiny little bar/meat market … it seems that the majority of places I go here have pig legs or chickens hanging from the roof, and sausages lining the shelves. Makes for some interesting smells.

The owner of this little place was so charming –him and I laughed our heads off as I tried to order some snacks. I was starving , but couldn’t figure out a stinkin thing on the little Spanish menu… except for tortilla, but I think it may have been filled with some weird sausage or something. All the men in the place were locals and spoke little or no English. In the end I got this amazing cheese with some bread and olive oil. He gave it to me laughing. What a cute man.

After an afternoon of shopping, and then eating the strangest hotdog ever, we met back up with the group and went to our modern looking hotel – I’m pretty sure my room was a minimalist piece in itself.

The following day we all inhaled breakfast, a lot of breakfast, because the 1st nights dinner was really weird and chinsy. We were briefed, by Louis, over and over about the plan for the day. Going into Africa for only 8 hours was bound to be a little complicated. Since he does this tour once a week for about 6 months of the year he knows a lot of the people and has a smooth routine. We were put on the ferry and off the ferry with no problems at all. The ride was quick, and exciting. We arrived in a whole new land where the sun was shining bright and the people were in action all around us… I honestly couldn’t believe we were in Africa when we stepped off the ferry. The air was very warm and sweet, or wet, it was nice.

Our bus toured us right through downtown then on to the residential area and then to some seaside area. Downtown was busy and fast. All the signs are in Arabic and French, as these are the two main languages here. When in school the kids learn these languages and then when they get to highschool they have to choose a third language to learn.
The people on the streets were either very stylish and sleek looking .. or they were dressed in traditional Muslim clothing.  The men (I actually don’t think that it’s just the Muslim men) wear these ankle-length zip up robes, with hoods, made of a very thick material to keep them warm. Our guide had one on , and then some designer sunglasses haha.

We saw people begging on the streets, and then we were shown the high end residential area. Huge mansions, owned by government, and palaces by the sea, owned by government and Egyptians.  Most of these estates were gated and sort of hidden by beautiful gardens.

We stopped at a rest stop by the ocean and had a chance to ride camels. Groups of men must do this for tourists. They were scattered along the coast – we stopped at a stop above this beautiful beach which I is great for surfing in the summer. I, of course, was nervous to ride the camel but once I got on it was actually very comfy and just a short ride. The camels were all very stubborn and unhappy with their owners, but from what we all figured they are treated well … not abused.

We then had a traditional Moroccan lunch at a huge tent. Cous cous, this veg soup, poached eggs, and lamb meat balls (which I did not even come near, as all I can think of are the cute little lamb in the Spanish fields). Along with our lunch we had a couple men playing music for us, and then a woman did some traditional belly dancing.

Our last venture in Africa, and the most high paced, was going to the market. Only once a week is their market day, so it is packed tight with vendors and shoppers. Also, at the entrance into the market was the central mosque and their prayer had just ended so people were also pouring out of there.
It was a very strange environment – we were 25 tourists lined up, taken care of by 4 guides as the area we were in wasn’t the safest or most relaxed…. And as we walked everyone stared and spoke not a word we could understand. Once we got into the market, it got even stranger. We honestly ploughed through so fast that I can hardly remember some of it. We were taken through metre wide alleys from shop to shop. Our guides kind of shouted to one another to make sure we were all fine. We stopped at a carpet shop, where I left behind the love of my life (sorry Cody), a rug that I should have bought but did not buy and I know I will regret it forever. Uggghhhh. , We also stopped at a spice shop, where I bought eucalyptus seeds for nasal remedies.

We made our way out of wonderful Africa and back onto the ferry, for a sunny ride back to Spain. It is a day I’ll always remember – that’s for sure. I definitely want to go back.

Our third day we headed to Gibraltar… which was very strange and not something I was very informed about before we went. A British owned, tiny tiny country attached to Spain – A total culture change by driving only a couple hundred metres. I did the rock tour with most of the other people on our trip. We drove all around the rock in a tiny little bus with a local tour guide. Then we drove up to 2/3 of the way up the rock and stopped at the cave. The cave was made to be used for a hospital and hide away during the war, although I don’t think it was ever used for that purpose. It was amazing and huge and had a stadium of sorts in one part of it. We also spent a lot of our time with the local monkeys, which are actually small gorillas. They came over from Africa back in the day and now there are about 200 or 300 on Gibraltar. At first I was so scared to let one jump on me but then I gradually got used to it. I fed this tiny little baby one a dry noodle,and while I was doing that a bigger one jumped on my head haha and ripped at my hair…. I think that was an accident though. The baby monkey had tiny little fingers, that could have been human fingers. As we were about to leave the last sort of look out point on our way down the rock we got to see one of the mama monkeys feeding the baby. It was so amazing and, obviously, I almost cried. While she fed it she kind of groomed its head and rubbed its neck. Very very amazing.

We did some shopping in Gibraltar, then headed back to the bus for the full ride home. I got some gravol (gel capsule!) from a lady on the bus and passed out cold for the first few hours haha then the rest of the ride was the beautiful sunset drive through the last of Spain.

Of course, I’ve rambled again, as always. It’s a little hard to tell stories of my time here without just chronologically listing what I do each day. This three day trip, though, was worth listing off in detail .. because it was very amazing and memorable. Each place was so different and worth the time.

Time to go. I miss home a little – I really miss Jonni and her rambling new language that she’s discovering, hehe.
My next post will probably be once I’m in Spain again – I go there Friday and will be there for a week until I go on to France and Italy. Ill be meeting Rachel and a Columbian girl, Karoll, in Spain. And then… Brenna will be meeting me in France or Italy. Yayyyy. I hope internet access is available so that I can still post pictures and such.

Love you all. Leahrose.xo