Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I hope you are all enjoying the pictures.

Now, a very FUN and immature thing we have been doing our whole trip is started in Nice... after getting a little screwed over by the Avis car gang we were over tired, frustrated, and in funny moods. We were the only ones in the airport and we were laying over the chairs, I think i was pretending to sleep and then it went from there. Everywhere we have been going we have been taking pictures of ourselves pretending to sleep in really funny places and positions... i know it sounds sooooo silly but when your exhausted and frustrated with cranky, stuck up people its a pretty hilarious way to annoy them and to crack ourselves up.

The rest of the pictures are on Brens camera hahaha and they are way funnier than this. Karoll must have thought we were crazy at first, but believe me, she joined right in.
So in all the CInque Terre was in the top favorite places of my trip so far. The people, besides the stuffy old rich ladies, were very welcoming and the villages were very charming and quiet. The food was awesome and the weather was sunny... it all felt like a dream really. The way the villages just perch on the rugged, rocky coast is so beautiful and feels fake.
From there we went to Florence for a night. Here we stayed at a hostel that felt like church camp -there were way too many rules and there was a curfew... however, ironically this was the place we decided to perhaps overdo it on the wine and have a very funny intoxicated dinner. Here is just a picture of the view from the river that runs through the city and of the bar we were at.

The next morning Bren and I went to church , where the music was beautiful, then we all walked to quickly look at the biggest gothic cathedral in europe. After this rainy morning we got on the train for Rome. I will write about that in my next post. xo

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